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Kolyba - Lviv hotel in Bruhovychi area

Hotel complex "Kolyba", located in the picturesque countryside of Bruhovychi on the lake shore, is an original and unique corner of Bukovyna culture in Halychyna. Its outward appearance, interiors, folklore art masterpieces create the atmosphere of comfort and calmness.

Hotel complex "Kolyba" has already existed for 5 years. The history of its creation is interesting and full of teaching. Earlier, at this place, where "Kolyba" is outlined on the horizon, the typical restaurant of Soviet type was located. Once, a very sociable and enterprising man, who came round there with his friends, said for fun, that he would buy this restaurant and transform it into something new and unusual. This easy joke was destined to be realised. The restaurant underwent substantial changes in a quite short period of time. Moreover, it acquired unexpectedly unusual face: reflected in local Bukovyna colouring, sonorous ringing songs, in hospitality, generosity and cordiality All this beauty was imprinted in soul and mind of each person, who at least once in his life was a guest in this unusual establishment.

Years flashed by and "Kolyba" has been changed into the hotel complex. The hotel and small cottages appeared beside the restaurant. Nowadays, "Kolyba" essentially differs from other hotel complexes, existing in Lviv region. The guests of the complex are fascinated by the atmosphere of folk life, beginning with wickered low hedge and wooden gates and which is perfectly completed in the restaurant, containing the unique things, aged in more than one century. The most part of these things was fetched from authentic Bukovyna settlements and revived by Lviv masters. The particular pride of "Kolyba" is reflected in a small hut from the town of Vashkivtsi in Chernivtsi region, which has already been 118 years old.

You are cordially invited to the hotel complex "Kolyba" You will personally feel this extraordinary and pleasant atmosphere, you will be warmly wrapped in comfort and calmness and receive the best service!

Restaurant-hotel complex "Kolyba"
Settlement of town type of Bruhovychi (near Lviv),
Burdenko street,14