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Wien Hotel in Lviv

12, Svoboda Avenue

Welcome to the Wien Hotel. Situated in the central part of Lviv, Wien lies in close proximity to a great number of places having historical, architectural and religious importance during the 14th-19th centuries, including the Lviv Opera and Drama Houses, The National Museum, Rynok (Market) Square of Renaissance style, Ratusha (City Council), The Boim's Chapel, The Armenian Cathedral, The Latin Cathedral, and The Church of Body of Christ of the Dominican Order).

Historically this part of the city functioned as a large commercial town surrounded by fortifications. Svoboda Avenue, where the guest rooms are now located, was once the canal of the Poltva River and was called Getmansky Valy (Royal Banks). The avenue was redeveloped as a new business centre, a function at which it thrives today. In 1998 the historical center of Lviv (thanks in large part to the architectural and historical preservation of Svoboda Avenue), was included in UNESCO s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Opened in 2005, the Wien Hotel are located above the famous restaurant Viennese Coffee House (1829), combining exquisite Viennese fine dining with Lviv hospitality. Guests who stay with us will have the wonderful opportunity to feel the pulse of Lviv s business and cultural life. In the evenings you may relax with a cup of coffee on the Viennese terrace, while listening to the lovely melodies of the Viennese waltz.
tel/fax: + 38 (032) 244-43-14, 244-43-15, 244-43-16