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How to Get to Lviv

How to Get to Lviv (484 total words in this text)(16899 Reads)   Lviv is situated in Western Ukraine and is a centre of the Lviv

Distances to Lviv from major cities:              
Distances to Lviv from border crosses:

- Kyiv 545 km                                         
     - Poland / Krakovets 73 km
- Odessa 749 km                                      
   - Slovakia / Uzhgorod 262 km
- Kharkiv 1085 km                                    
    - Hungary / Chop 253 km
- Donetsk 1286 km                                   

   - Romania / Porubne 290 km

How to Get to Lviv by Car
The main international motorways to Lviv are
1. E-40 Shehini-Lviv
2. E-573 Chop-Lviv

The speed limit in populated areas is 60 km/hour. In other areas it is 80 km/hour
for buses, 60 km/hour for lorries transporting people, 130 km/hour for all other
vehicles on motorways and 110 km/hour for all other vehicles on other roads.
The permissible content of alcohol in the driver’s blood is 0,0%.

At filling stations in Ukraine the price for fuel can fluctuate by up to 15%
depending the area where the filling station located. However the average prices
per litre.

How to Get to Lviv by Bus
Lviv has regular long distance bus communications with Poland, Hungary, Germany,
Great Britain, Italy, Greece, France, Russia and Moldova.

The City Bus Terminal is at 189, Stryiska St., telephone: +380 322 63-24-73
or 63-25-31.

How to Get to Lviv by Train
Geographically Lviv lies on the crossroads from West to the East and is connected
with many other cities via an extensive railway system.

The most simple way to buy an international railway ticket is at one of the
hotels in the city.

Alternatively Inter-city tickets can be bought at a booking-office on the ground
floor of the Railway Station.

There is also a Railway Booking Office in the centre of Lviv at 20, Hnatyuka
St. Train Schedule 005, 748-20-68.

How to Get to Lviv by Air

Lviv has an airport servicing both domestic and international flights.

The city has air connections with Warsaw, Toronto, Manchester, Frankfurt-am-Main,
and several airports in Russia, Caucasus and Middle Asia.

The most frequent services are daily flights to and from Warsaw and Kyiv; on
twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays to and from Frankfurt.

For more information please contact the Lviv Airport Information Bureau by
telephone on +380 322 69-21-12.