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The National Museum in Lviv

It is one of the most significant museums of Ukraine, the reserves of which amount to over 130 thousand units of keeping. The collection was laid in 1905 as a private foundation by the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptyts'kyi, named "The Church Museum". Icon-paintings, which numbers four thousand units kept, are the substance of the collection. An important one is the collection of folk sacral sculpture. It is unrivalled in quality and artistic values. At the same time the museum funds keep masterpieces of European artists too: Pinsel, Polejowski, Filevych and others. A set of Ukrainian folk and professional engraving of the 17-18th c. is of great value (about 1 thousand units of keeping). The collection of manuscripts and printed incunabula* from the Cyrillic ones to rare multiillus-trated publications of the 18th c. such as Cracow publications by Schweipolt Fiol (1491-1493), Prague and Vienna printings by Francisk Skoryna, almost every Ivan Fedorov's publications deserve special attention too. Relics of the 13-16th c. are in the collection of manuscript books. The best works from the museum collections are fittingly represented at the permanent display of the museum. In the museum halls in 20, Svobody Avenue the exhibition of old-Ukrainian art and the art of the 19th - early 20th c. is placed. (Opened every day, except Friday, tel.: 74-22-82, 72-89-60).