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Dmytro Vitovsky

Dmytro Vitovsky became a national hero of the Ukrainian people. He used to be one of the leaders of Halician student youth and a fighter for the Ukrainian university in Lviv. He became a member of the Ukrainian Radical Party and an active organizer of a number of Ukrainian "Sich"groups, which later became part of the regular Halician Army. He was the colonel of the UHA himself. He started his active military career in 1914 participating in mountain battles in the Carpathians and was an ideologist of the Ukr.military political thought.

He was among the founders of Striletsky Found and a published organ of the Ukrainian Sichovi Striltsi "The Ways"'(Shlyahy). In 1916-17 he was a Ukrainian military commissar in Volyn' and organized Ukrainian schools there. In 1918 he was among the organizers of the military uprising in Lviv. He created the Ukrainian Halician Army, which fought against the Polish and the Russian bolshevik army, too. He headed the State secretary of military affairs in ZUNR. Later he became a diplomat, defending the interests of his country abroad. In May 1919 he was a member of a peaceful delegation in Paris. He perished in the aircrush during the flight from Paris to Kamyanets Podilsky in 1919 and was buried in Berlin.

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